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Leksa Logistics

Branding and online presence for a USA trucking company

Leksa Logistics LLC is a trucking company operating in 48 countries, with a focus on providing the best working conditions for truckers they hire. They prioritize full transparency, competitive salaries, and a friendly working atmosphere. Our task was to develop their complete brand identity and establish their online presence, which included creating a marketing strategy, designing a logo, selecting brand colors, building a website, and producing engaging social media content, among other services.

Visual identity

The Visual Identity package encompassed the development of a brand logo, selection of colors and fonts, and the establishment of a cohesive social media presence. Its purpose was to effectively communicate professional opportunities and benefits tailored for three distinct target groups of truckers: Owner Operators, Company Drivers, and Lease-to-Purchase.

Web Design

The website we built for Leksa Logistics plays a crucial role in the hiring process, serving as the next step for truckers who discover job offers on social media. It provides detailed information on the specific benefits and requirements associated with the three professional opportunities available at Leksa Logistics. Furthermore, the comprehensive application form allows truckers to introduce themselves effectively to the hiring staff at Leksa Logistics.

Content production

We developed a diverse range of social media content that covered various topics, including the benefits and requirements of job positions at Leksa Logistics, financial and legal education for truckers, and intriguing facts about the destinations they visit across the US. Our objective was to create engaging and valuable content that would inspire truckers to join Leksa Logistics.

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