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Environmental awareness campaign reaching almost a million people

A local environmental organization aimed for a novel – thought-provoking approach to addressing ecological crisis. Their campaign posed the questions: what is the link between contemporary feelings of social isolation and the environmental crisis? Is it possible to harness these feelings to foster a sense of community rooted in the shared values of bringing harmony to the biosphere? We’ve done full branding and online presence for this campaign helping it reach almost a million of people with close to 4 million of impressions. We’ve covered the services of market research, strategic marketing, advertising and the rest present below.

Visual identity

The Visual Identity package encompassed the creation of a brand logo, selection of colors and fonts, design of digital and print materials, and the development of a cohesive social media presence. The goal was to create a distinct and recognizable visual representation of the environmental organization’s message and values.

Content Production

The Content Production package involved the creation of branded ads and content, three part educational web series, as well as the management of the environmental organization’s social media accounts. We also produced graphic content and copywriting for social media platforms and website to enhance engagement and increase awareness of their cause.

Web Design

The Web Design package included the creation of a website with an educative purpose, which was designed to showcase the environmental organization’s campaign and message. We also provided website maintenance to ensure that it continued to serve as a source of environmental knowledge even after the campaign was over.

Photography & Video

The Photography&Video package involved the creation of branded videos that sent powerful messages to viewers. We provided video editing services to ensure that the videos were high-quality and impactful. The goal was to use videos as a tool to engage and educate viewers about the environmental organization’s message and cause.

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