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Branding and online presence for a Norwegian contractor company

Our client Tredje is a Norwegian contractor that develops and executes all types of construction projects. The first-class products they offer cover a wide range of needs for companies, as well as for private persons. A professional and flexible approach that puts the client’s needs at the center is the key to their success. We are proud of building Tredje’s brand from start to finish – logo, brand colors, business and marketing planning, website, copy and print.

Visual identity

For Tredje, we created a comprehensive visual identity package that included designing a modern logo, selecting a cohesive color palette and typography, and developing a style guide/brandbook to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. Additionally, we provided website and print design services, brand photography, and social media presence to help establish a strong and recognizable brand.

Content Production

As a part of Content Production package, we produced a variety of content such as branded ads and content, high-quality product and brand photography, engaging social media graphics and copywriting, and well-crafted website copy to enhance their online presence and brand image. Additionally, we provided social media management to ensure consistency across all platforms.

Web Design

The Web Design pack included designing a website with a user-friendly interface and effective landing pages/funnels to drive conversions. We also provided ongoing website maintenance to ensure seamless functionality and a positive user experience.

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