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Nota&Nomen stands for “sign“ and “name“ in Latin. Both symbols are closely associated with marketing and design. Our group of experts brings the two areas together.

We cover various fields of marketing planning and communication, design, social media, and ad creatives production. Our company works on strategic marketing activities to improve communication channels, branding, and visual identity as well as offline and online advertising.

In this way, we help our partners to improve their positioning in the market, create a positive image of the company and improve the sales of goods and services.

Using proven methods of online business, organization, and provision of remote services, we can provide our services to business partners globally, wherever they are.

Our team


Mladen Šikanja 

CEO, Marketing Management

Nejc Komljenović

Head of Sales

Filip Đorđević

Creative Strategy


Miljan Krnjaić

General Manager & Photography

David Pavlović

Account Manager

Stevan Petrov

Graphics design & Copywriting

Ana Međo

WordPress design/development

Vukan Milović

Front-end development

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